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Then through some of the right ways (and a lot of the wrong ways!), I lost close to 100 pounds and made over my life. But because I never addressed the root cause of my struggles, I was left with disordered eating, a horrible self-image and body image and an addiction-like relationship to food and sugar.

My struggle with my weight started when I was taken to Weight Watchers at 8 years old, and I carried it all with me into adulthood... at one point reaching nearly 250 pounds.

The day came that I finally realized I was NEVER going to be able to out-diet or out-willpower my deeper problems, so I rewired my brain and FINALLY healed from the 'brain damage' of chronic dieting.

Now I teach other women how to FINALLY get off that all-or-nothing diet roller coaster and heal their relationship with food...but WITHOUT all that restriction, obsession, and shame...and without needing years of ‘therapy’ to do so.

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Experience a transformation like no other...

My premium program, Stressless Eating was designed to help diet-obsessed and food-crazed women ​break themselves out of the food and body prison... so that they never have to deal with shame and disappointment or diet confusion ever again. 

It’s a 12-week intensive incubator (think of it kind of like a 'brain boot camp') where we dedicate 12 weeks of your life and we genuinely go HEAL the problem for good – not patch it up with diets or put band-aids on the problem. I mean address it at the root, and put it to bed for good, so that you have freedom for the rest of your life.

And in order to do THAT, we have to rewire your brain for FREEDOM and transform your Self Image so that you can stop trying to out-diet or out-perform it. It’s a radically transformational process that works like gangbusters...if you work it! I call it the “easy button”, which doesn’t mean it’s not hard work, but you’re going to work SMARTER (not harder) so that we can get you past DECADES of suffering in 12 weeks. 

The first phase was designed to rewire your brain and reverse the 'brain damage' of chronic dieting, 'un-brainwash' you of “the Diet Mentality” (and of all those stories and beliefs in your self-image that are perpetuating the cycles), and then of course teach you the 'language' and paradigm of Stressless Eating

The unwire/rewire phase


The Stressless Eating system has 3 distinct phases:

A strategy is meaningless if your subconscious Self Image is sabotaging you or doesn't truly believe you're worthy of healing this. So we need to create a new default Self Image that just becomes who you are. But not this ambiguous "oh just love yourself the way you are" fake-positivity that the world is giving you. I'm talking about a systematic, scientific approach to Self-Love and Self-Trust, and actually transforming the way you SEE yourself.

The Self-Imaging Phase


This is where we put what you've learned into practice and begin living this out in the real world. This is where we custom-craft your own personalized and individualized "Big Fat Experiment" where we do a series of guided short-experiments designed to: Learn what works for YOUR brain, what doesn't work, and figure out your own unique 'Success Recipe' by simply using the tools that have in your tool box from Phase 1 & 2. 

The Experimentation Phase


And Listen, I get it

Everyone and their mom is talking about "ditching the diets" and "food freedom" nowadays. The only problem with that is HOW?

★ How do you suddenly STOP doing what you’ve been doing for decades (or the only thing you’ve ever known)?

★ How do you suddenly STOP shaming yourself, hating on yourself, or criticizing yourself if it’s all your brain knows how to do?

★ And how do you just suddenly STOP dieting if you’ve been on the roller coaster a long time, and you’re terrified you’ll “go off the deep-end” and gain a bunch of weight if you’re NOT on something?

I call it Self-Imaging and it's incorporated into every nook-and-cranny of the Stressless Eating program. THAT is the missing link – the part that actually puts the fire out, addresses the REAL problem, and the part that can't be solved with a diet or losing weight. It's in your mind, brain, heart, and soul....so you need a mind, body, brain, heart, soul approach. Logic and reason alone won't solve a deeper, emotional problem. And that's why you need to take a 3-dimensional approach

The Answer?


So if you're ready to...

Stop wasting your time, energy, money, and resources merely addressing the SYMPTOMS of your problem, and you are ready to really put this problem to bed – as in remove the stress, emotion, and obsession for good... and break yourself out of the food, body, & shame prison (and throw away the key!), I might be able to help you do that... 

But in order to figure out what that looks like, how it could get pieced together, or if it's even a fit for both of us, we need to first have a powerful (and transformational) conversation.

And that's why I offer all women the opportunity to schedule a (complimentary) Transformation Conversation with me.

I'm so ready!

What is a

Most simply, a Transformation Conversation is a conversation about your transformation.

But more specifically it's an opportunity for you and I to virtually meet (ear-to-ear) and have a truthful, loving, and impactful conversation about YOUR struggles and how it's impacting your life....

And then talk about the transformation that you KNOW you need to make to overcome them for good….

★ Not patching them up.
★ Not putting out the fires.
★ Not addressing the effects.
★ Not employing a bunch of short-term tactics for quick succession.

I'm talking about solving the problem.

Closing the loop.

Preventing the fires from coming back.

And truly TRANSFORMING YOU (not just changing you) from the inside out.

So if you feel it in your gut that working with me is something you feel you at least need to explore, then let's have a conversation about it.

It's an invitation without expectation to come connect with me -- to let me ask you some powerful questions (that I guarantee you're not asking yourself)...

...And let's step into a powerful conversation together.

Then you can decide if working with me is for you. Fair enough?


book a call

To that question I say: You’re right! Diet’s DON’T work!

Whenever a woman comes to me that’s tried everything, it’s always a food-focused approach, a restriction-based approach, or using the ‘diet mentality’ (or ‘weight loss mentality’) as the strategy— which in turns makes the problem WORSE as we’ve learned!

And all that does is take you BACK in the direction of restriction, deprivation, obsession, or complication….or cause you to constantly weigh, measure, track, or account for your food. All of which cause you to OBSESS over food even MORE — when all you want is to think about food LESS.

Not to mention that most programs are designed to give you short-term results, but only while you’re living inside that weight loss ‘bubble’— and it’s impossible to keep that up forever.

We take a completely different approach that’s designed with the end in mind: To heal you from the diet mentality and give you a system of thinking that sets you free FOREVER…so you NEVER have to deal with this again! We do this by swimming ‘upstream’ to where your problem actually lives: the mind, the brain, and the self image.

Unlike dieting or other food-focused approaches that get HARDER the more you practice it (and you get WORSE at it the more you practice it), we swim ‘upstream’ and change the thinking that’s causing you to eat the way you are or use food to fill some sort of void.

We rewire your brain for FREEDOM by giving you a new language to speak around food — one that you get BETTER at it the more you practice it, and it gets EASIER the more you practice it.

It’s the difference between constantly putting fires out (fires out, fires out) day after day after day…. VS. finding the source of the fire and preventing future fires from popping back up. It’s a permanent, life-long, forever solution — not a temporary fix.

Ya know what? To me, that actually shows me that your brain is getting SMARTER! Your brain knows that another “eat less, move more” solution is NOT going to fix this problem, and that it WOULD be more of the same.

And that’s exactly why we have to take a radically different approach— one where you begin with the end in mind and actually fix the problem… and close the open loop in your brain.

Because at the end of the day, I could give you the Stressless Eating strategy that I give my clients, but if we don’t identify those “weeds” in the garden of your mind that are sabotaging you, keeping you from trusting yourself, or straight up setting you up to fail…. you’ll always end up right back where you are right now. Because you can’t out-strategize, out perform, or out smart THAT. And that is not a food problem

And that’s exactly why we have to start at the self image. AND that’s exactly why you need BOTH:

So when I say both, I mean: a new strategy so that the food side of things becomes simple and stressless and sustainable(key word sustainable)…
but also the brain and self image that you’re going to need to actually make all that happen….or else you’re RIGHT: this time WON’T be any different.

So ladies…What I’m saying is this: your healthy skepticism and fears that this will be “one more thing that that doesn’t work” is a GOOD thing — it’s your brain’s way of telling you that you HAVE to take a radically different approach to address it this time around.

And I can promise you this: this Stressless Eating approach we talked about today - and I can say this with 100% certainty - isn’t something you’ve ever failed at before….

Because you’ve never tried it before. You’ve never started at healthy and started at happy and HEALED your relationship with food and your body.

This is the radically different approach you need to fix this for good. And this works for absolutely every woman who is ready to put in the work.

But also…if you really have tried everything and you feel like “i know what to do, but i can’t get myself to do it”… can i challenge you on that and ask: what if you actually don’t know what to do?

What if you simply learned the diet mentality and the broken model of the “eat less, move more” equation, and that NOW is the time to open your mind to the possibility that your solution is in your blindspot - not in another diet and not in another exercise program. And the reason you haven’t been able to fix this on your own is because you “don’t know what you don’t know” and you ‘can’t see what you can’t see’.…

And you’re going to need guidance to show you what’s in your blindspot.

And the answer to that is: Absolutely! Remember: the goal outcome of the Stressless Eating is FREEDOM!🙌 We want you to be able to live your life, let food just be food, and feel like YOU are in the driver’s seat of your decisions.

So here’s a DISTINCTION: It’s the difference between mindfully and intentionally eating a couple pieces of pizza because you CHOOSE to… VS… Stuffing your face with 3 or 4 pieces because you “couldn’t control yourself”…and then beating yourself up, or dealing with endless amounts of guilt, blame, or shame …

…and then of course marking it a “failure”, eating with care-free abandonment from there on out because you already “messed up”, and getting to the point where you simply can’t stand how you’re feeling one day longer…and back to the diet-cycle you go.

THAT is the cycle we want you to get OFF of.

It’s not the pizza or the cookie that’s the problem. It’s who you’re BEING while you’re eating it (and the version of you making the decisions!) …THAT is what we want to transform, so that you CAN eat that cookie without guilt! Because if loving warm, chocolate-chip cookies is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!

Not if you want results quickly. Consider this program your Fast Track Pass. Each day you postpone signing up for this program is another missed opportunity for your freedom.

How much time, energy, money, heart, and soul have you already spent NOT to fix this problem? This system has already worked like gangbusters for hundreds of women just like you, and it will work for you if you simply follow the plan and put in the work.

...busy moms
...busy career women
...busy-brained women

STOP being busy and implement a system that provides you an opportunity to take your power back and STOP thinking about food 24 hours a day!

On your day off…
On your vacations…
As you're falling asleep every night (and let's be honest, it's on your brain first thing in the morning)...

It’s your choice: keep going full speed ahead with nothing to show for it -- living on the up-and-down diet roller coaster...sabotaging your efforts Tim and time again.


Start RE-WIRING your brain, so that you just wake up and THINK this way every day!

Which do you want?

And what I’ll say to you is what I say to all my clients whether they are in their 20’s or 70’s! “Age is just a number” because it doesn’t matter HOW old you are, how young you are, or how forgone you think you are. You can get off that all-or-nothing diet rollercoaster for GOOD.

And when you take a radically different approach and start at the brain and start at the nervous system (and self image)… and commit to actually HEALING this — no more band-aids……not only do you bypass time and short-cut the entire process…but I’m telling you… miracles happen!

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Ready to           get off that all-or-nothing diet roller coaster and        your relationship with food?

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