Want A PeEk Behind-the-scenes of the Stressless eating system I teach All my clients ?

yes please!

But I'm also...

A gal on my own mind/body/spirit journey – here to peel back the layers and open the door to conversations that your soul and spirit have been itching to explore. 

Anything with peanut butter, music that gives me goosebumps, and stepping into your true self without hustling for your worthiness. 

very into:

Inviting women to see the beauty in who they are

i'm obsessed with

Adventures with my fiancé and my two pups

My perfect day

The Office (obviously)

most likely to binge watch:

Americano or oat milk latte

my go-to coffee order

Currently loving...

age 8-20

My body owned me and the flood of self-hate and judgements really began.

age 20-29

I got the body, the business, and the life I thought I always wanted. And while I looked happy on the outside, on the inside I was anything BUT happy.

age 30+

I couldn’t take it anymore! I finally set out to ‘get right’ with my body, my brain, and my heart… and set myself free. And the only way to do THAT was through my Self-Image.


The           of my
life-long story

I attended my first weight watchers meeting when I was 8 years old, after my dad caught me using a whole stick of butter in my eggs...

I struggled with my weight for decades...

My weight was embarrassing

I sat on a glass table at a college party and it cracked...

I was a weight loss success story

...but paid the price for it.

My own weight loss cost me back surgery at 25. And while I was so inspired to help others on their own weight loss journey, I realized that they too would pay the cost of skinny if I didn’t do something about it. I changed my MIND to change my body and now, I teach others to do the same.




Without even knowing me, you might look upon my blonde-haired, blue-eyed, happy, healthy self and wonder:

How the heck could she possibly relate to the struggles that we as women face when it comes to our bodies, food, or living up to our potential?

But once you hear my story and my journey, you'll understand why.

you might be thinking...

What does this woman know about insecurity, adversity, feeling fat, or unhappiness?

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sleep in

early riser

audio books

real books

evening out

stay in




coffee at home


What later became Outweigh, helping diet-obsessed and food-crazed women take back control

A weekly dose of encouragement to help you break out of the food and body prison

A fresh and relatable take on spirituality and faith, leaving you transformed and uplifted

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Ready to           get off that all-or-nothing diet roller coaster and        your relationship with food?

WITHOUT restriction, obsession, and shame?

i'm so ready!