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Oh dear. That million dollar question:

"So....what do YOU do Leanne?"

If I had a dollar for every time I got asked that question (and truly didn't have a CLUE how to possibly describe what exactly it is that I 'do') ... WOW!

Here's what I say now:

★  Here's my story and the experiences & experiments that I went through.

★  I learned A LOT. But then...there were also some things that I DIDN'T learn-- things that others' weren't teaching or that I couldn't find for the life of me.

★  So I went and (after a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and money) created the tools, systems, and strategies that I needed.

I created it for ME first and foremost. And now it's here for you. It's here for all of us.

It's learning how to live your life with a little less Bitch...and a lot more love.

It's Self-Improvement meets Self-Love meets Brain-Science.

Because life’s too short for all the the guilt and the judgement and the shame, the control, the stress...

And if lovin’ warm chocolate chip cookies is wrong, I don’t wanna be right 😉

Learn From Me:

Work With Me:

OPTION 1:  My Signature Program:

Before I share all the in's and out's of the program, I wanted to answer one of the ONE question I get asked the most:

"Why is it called Finishing School?"

Here's my answer:

In the past young women who had completed their 'book learning' education but were preparing to enter 'real life' as women of elegance, grace, and impact were often sent to 'Finishing School' in order to learn etiquette and social grace.

As old-fashioned and quaint as this may seem to modern-day women today, the ultimate aim of such establishments was to create ever-higher levels of social confidence, self-belief, and self-esteem...

All qualities that (sadly) seem to be sorely
lacking in many women today. 🙁

And so I asked myself:

  • What would happen if women were taken through a more modern, scientific, and simple 'Finishing School' where they were TRULY given the tools and the thinking that would lead them towards true happiness and health and success in life?
  • What would happen if women were suddenly un-brainwashed of all the stories and beliefs causing them to think, feel, and behave like they were 'fatally flawed', less than, or like they didn't deserve everything they desired?
  • What would happen if modern-day women were given a NEW kind of 'kool-aid' to drink. Only this time, it was created BY them and FOR them -- a recipe of their own choosing and own making?

And the wheels in my brain kept on turning...

That's why I went and created my own Finishing School to help smart, inspiring, successful and beautiful women to KNOW themselves as smart, inspiring, successful and beautiful...

...rather than listening to the stories in their head that cause them to think, feel and behave otherwise.

In fact I put together an entire Program Tour that tells you all about it.

I've laid out all the nitty-gritty details, answered your most pressing frequently asked questions, and told you exactly what to do next if it's something that tickles your fancy 😊


(Click the image above to open the Program Tour)

OPTION 2:  Customize Coaching Program

Each Coaching Experience is catered to the individual based on your wants, your needs, your commitment-- the whole lot.

But in order to figure out what that looks like, how it could get pieced together, or if it's even a fit for both of us, we need to first have a powerful (and transformational) conversation.

And that's why I offer all women the opportunity to schedule a (complimentary) Transformation Conversation with me.

Most simply, a Transformation Conversation is a conversation about your transformation.

But more specifically it's an opportunity for you and I to virtually meet (ear-to-ear) and have a truthful, loving, and impactful conversation about YOUR struggles and how it's impacting your life....

And then talk about the transformation that you KNOW you need to make to overcome them for good….

★ Not patching them up.
★ Not putting out the fires.
★ Not addressing the effects.
★ Not employing a bunch of short-term tactics for quick succession.

I'm talking about solving the problem.

Closing the loop.

Preventing the fires from coming back.

And truly TRANSFORMING YOU (not just changing you) from the inside out.

So if you feel it in your gut that working with me is something you feel you at least need to explore, then let's have a conversation about it.

It's an invitation without expectation to come connect with me -- to let me ask you some powerful questions (that I guarantee you're not asking yourself)...

...And let's step into a powerful conversation together.

Then you can decide if working with me is for you. Fair enough?

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