Author. Educator. Mad Scientist.
Lover of Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Leanne is a straight-talking, science-loving educator & coach -- here to empower women to not just change how they LOOK on the outside, but change how they FEEL on the inside -- by breaking up with the thoughts that are holding them back & slipping into something a little more confident...

Although her 100 lb. weight loss was her main career driver initially, major spine surgery and the face-off between her “fat head” and “skinny head” led her down a road she could have never predicted and paved the way to create curriculums that help women Re-wire their Self-Image by taking a 3-D Mind/Body/Brain approach to their Transformation.

It's personal development meets neuro-psychology meets 'School of the Hard Knocks', and now she teaches women all over the world her own personal systems for how to Eat, Play, Love, AND Live through the science of Self-Imaging.

"Because if loving warm chocolate chip cookies is wrong, I don't wanna be right."

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"All women need this message! Leanne has created a story and a framework so powerful, you can't help but be moved into action."

Dax Moy - Best Selling Author of “The Magic 100”

Leanne's Presentations:

All of Leanne's talks and presentations are designed to help women start taking a 3-D [Mind/Body/Brain] approach to their Transformation  She's always eager to share her stories (becoming her own first weight loss success story... turning that into a successful career as a health and fitness expert...then up-leveling her own Self-Image journey and becoming a Self-Image Scientist). She leaves nothing to chance as she engages her audience with the stories, the science, the simplicity, (and the sass!) behind learning how to Eat, Play, Love, & Live. Here's 2 of Leanne's Signature Talks:

A Tale Of Two Cookies

Re-Wiring the Self-Image in 4 Easy Steps

Leanne wholeheartedly believes that "It's not what you're doing" that makes the biggest difference in your life. It's who you're BEing while you're going and doing all 'the doing that has the biggest impact. Take The Tale of Two Cookies for example. How can the (seemingly) same two cookies create such a DRASTICALLY different chain of reactions in your mind, body, brain, and heart? Leanne breaks down the Story, the Science, and the Simplicity behind this riddle and conundrum as well as the Science behind re-wiring the female Self-Image in this worksheet-guided presentation. After the session, they walk away with an actionable plan for creating results.

What Women Want

Understand What Makes the Female Brain Tick

More than 99 percent of the male and female brain is exactly the same. But that percentage difference influences everything that goes on in the minds, brains, and bodies of women all over the world. Leanne will share the Story, the Science, and the Simplicity behind understanding WHY women do WHAT they do in this worksheet-guided presentation. Attendees are entertainingly guided through one of her Signature processes to help them access the 3 most bang-for-your-buck 'gateways' that influence (and transform) the female brain. After the session, they walk away with an actionable plan for creating results.

Int'l Best Selling Author

How To Ditch the Bitch:
Winning The Inner Game of Transformation

Leanne is on a mission to show women all over the world what life could be like if suddenly every 'critic' in your life was silenced, and you were allowed to just friggen' BREATHE, THINK, and FEEL how you want to feel... without worrying about being "good enough", "thin enough", "pretty enough"... "enough" period! That is Ditch the Bitch.

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