Here's what I've found to be true for myself and for every other female mammal human I've ever met:

We as female mammal humans are a product of the following 3 things:

  • Our 'state'

  • Our 'recipe'

  • Our beliefs about ourselves

This is the 'machine' or filter that our day-to-day lives are run through.

And then THIS becomes our reality.

  • Our 'state': The 'frequency' at which we are operating. How we are feeling moment-to-moment, day-to-day...and the response it's eliciting on a mind/body/brain level. Physiologically, Mentally, Emotionally -- all of it.

  • Our 'recipe': Whatever it is we are 'feeding' ourselves. Is it contributing to our lives...or is it taking away from our lives? And is it the recipe that we WANT?

  • Our beliefs about ourselves: The collective 'account' of whatever stories we either heard about ourselves or told ourselves TO or ABOUT ourselves. What collective story are you telling yourself? And is it a Bitch story? Or a Love story?

Because I truly believe that if you want to transform your life...

(And I'm talking [mind/body/brain] not-just-change-but-TRANSFORM-your-life kinda change...)

Then you must change one (or more) of the following:

  • Your 'state'

  • Your 'recipe'

  • Your beliefs about ourselves

So if you would like to have a truthful, loving, and impactful conversation about influencing THAT, then we should talk 🙂

YES! I'm Intrigued....