My STORY: (A Love Story). 

(The Good, The Bad, And Everything In Between.)

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I struggled with my weight for decades....

I attended my first weight watchers meeting
when I was 8 years old, after my dad caught me
using a whole stick of butter in my eggs...

My weight was embarrassing.

I sat on a glass table at a college party and it

I was a weight loss success story

...but paid the price for it.

My own weight loss cost me back surgery at 25.
And while I was so inspired to help others
on their own weight loss journey,
I realized that they too would pay the cost of skinny
if I didn’t do something about it.
I changed my MIND to change my body and now,
I teach others to do the same.

If you met me, you might look at me and think:

What does this woman know about insecurity, adversity, feeling fat, or unhappiness?

Without even knowing me, you might look upon my blond haired blue-eyed happy healthy self and wonder:

How the hell could she possibly relate to the struggles that we as women face when it comes to our bodies, food, or living up to our potential?

But once you hear my story and my journey, you'll understand why.

I was 8 years old—making an omelette in the kitchen with my brother.

We were making them the way we liked to make them: plenty of butter in the pan, and lots of cheese sprinkled on top.

My dad walked in, noticeably pissed off and proceeded to call off the omelette party. The next thing I knew I was at my first Weight Watchers meeting.

A lady from our Temple was the meeting leader and my dad was there walking his talk…weight watching with me.

Even though I felt safe and supported, it didn't change the inevitable: I started judging myself based on how much I weighed and how much I ate.

It was the day I stepped into a world where food shame and fat shame would play a big part of my life.

It was definitely NOT my last Weight Watchers meeting.

4 dozen weight watchers meetings later...I was a college sophomore off to a party.

My shapewear (the Spanx of the early 2000s) was successfully hiding as much of my curvy body as possible, and my black cardigan covered up my arms and stomach.

I was at my heaviest—topping the scales at 240 lbs— about 100 pounds more than most of my friends weighed.

But with a couple of Coors lights in me, I wasn’t thinking about that—so much so that when I couldn’t find a seat, I planted myself on the coffee table.

After all, I had seen people doing it all night long.

I reached across to grab my red solo cup of beer, and I heard a crack. Then another one....then another one.

Oh my god!  I thought. My fat ass cracked the glass….

My heart was racing. I was sweating. I thought I might throw up.

To this day, I don't even know if anyone even noticed. Within seconds I was up, bolting towards the door, and in my car driving home (don't worry, I was below the legal limit to drive)

Clearly things had to change—and they did.

About 100 lbs. later, I felt like a completely different woman.

All I wanted to do was help other women feel the way I felt— like my life finally belonged to ME.

I was running my 'semi-famous' Not Your Average Boot Camp program.

In walks Laura.

She's 42. Overfed, undernourished, and totally desperate to change.

She was the 'perfect' client.

Enthusiastic. Never missed a workout. Followed my nutrition plan to the Tee.

Day 42 of bootcamp comes around, and she is beyond thrilled about the woman she has become.

She almost didn't recognize herself in her 'after' pictures.

She's confident, walking differently, talking differently, looking differently!

But little by little that twinkle in her eye fizzled.

4 workouts a week turned into 1.

Following the nutrition plan turned into "sort of" following it.

It wasn’t long before she came in to talk to me.

"Leanne I NEED another 6 week challenge! I can't do this without it! When is it? I need it!"

I felt myself getting defensive and irritated.

I knew that If I put her through another challenge, 6 weeks later, we'd be standing right here all over again!

I took it as a sign that I wasn't doing enough to help her.

I took responsibility for her situation, and set up the next 6 week challenge.

And another...

And another...

Until one day I walked in to check on my challengers — now training with a team I’ve hired to work for me—I noticed Laura limping!

I vividly remember her justifications ...

"Oh it's no big deal"

"I felt a bit of a twinge during some lunges last week, so it's probably from that. I'm taking it easy though today...gonna go a bit lighter.” (As she looks over at her pair of 20 lb dumbbells compared to the pair of 25s she had been using. That was her idea of "taking it easy")

In that moment I had a flashback...

4 years before this...

My anesthesiologist has me counting backwards from 100 as the surgical team gets ready to go in microscopically and remove the calcified, hardened disc fluid that had been sitting on my nerves for the past 8 months.

A procedure I endearingly call, the Cost of Skinny...

I was so focused on getting 'skinny' or 'lean' or 'toned' or 'hot' or whatever words ruled my brain at the time, that I didn't pay attention or tune in to what my body needed and what my body was screaming at me to do.

If only I had listened to the screams from my body to "slow down!", "chill out!",  "and while you're at it, go eat a friggen sandwich Leanne!", maybe it could have all been avoided.

But I didn't care! I just wanted to be skinny and beautiful. And no back pain or injury or pesky flare-up was gonna stop me!

Until it finally did stop me.

It didn't just stop me—it landed me on an operating table at the Cleveland Clinic for major spine surgery at the ripe ol' age of 25.

There I was watching Laura hobble to her water bottle during her 1 min rest interval, and I knew...

If I don't do something about what I'm seeing, pretty soon my clients will be paying their own "Cost of Skinny" too.

Right then and there, I decided to change everything—to go from the business of body to the business of the brain.

It's never too late to become who you really are...

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