Everyone Talks About "Eating Less
and Moving More" and Why It's THE
#1 KEY To Taking Care of Yourself.
There's Just One Problem:

How Do You Actually Get Yourself To DO That??

You don't need a new 'kick ass' workout plan. And you certainly
don't need another diet...

You need a new way of THINKING

BodyTalk Boot Camp™  was designed to help any modern-day woman
on a body transformation journey get there easier,
stay there longer, and enjoy it MUCH more
by changing nothing more than her thoughts.

Because what you say really is more important than what you do

The Story Behind


Hi! I'm Leanne Ellington!

My personal BodyTalk journey started close to 10 years ago after I finally ditched my life-long struggle with my weight and went on to lose nearly 100 pounds.

The next step for me seemed like an obvious one: I decided to go back to school, ‘officially’ learn about the human body and movement, and make my way into the fitness industry.

You see, I thought my life had completely transformed through diet, exercise, and adopting a ‘healthy’ lifestyle, and all I wanted to do was help other women do the same thing – to feel the same way.

Little did I know, my journey was far from over...

Fast Forward to the End of 2012...

I was running my 'semi-famous' Not Your Average Boot Camp program.

In walks Laura.

She's 42. Overfed, undernourished, and totally desperate to change.

She was the 'perfect' client.

Enthusiastic. Never missed a workout. Followed my nutrition plan to the Tee.

Day 42 of bootcamp comes around, and she is beyond thrilled about the woman she has become.

She almost didn't recognize herself in her 'after' pictures.

She's confident, walking differently, talking differently, looking differently!

But little by little that twinkle in her eye fizzled.

4 workouts a week turned into 1.

Following the nutrition plan turned into "sort of" following it.

It wasn’t long before she came in to talk to me.

"Leanne I NEED another 6 week challenge! I can't do this without it! When is it? I need it!"

I felt myself getting defensive and irritated.

I knew that If I put her through another challenge, 6 weeks later, we'd be standing right here all over again!

I took it as a sign that I wasn't doing enough to help her.

I took responsibility for her situation, and set up the next 6 week challenge.

And another...

And another...

Until one day I walked in to check on my challengers — now training with a team I’ve hired to work for me—I noticed Laura limping!

I vividly remember her justifications ...

"Oh it's no big deal"

"I felt a bit of a twinge during some lunges last week, so it's probably from that. I'm taking it easy though today...gonna go a bit lighter.”

(As she looks over at her pair of 20 lb dumbbells compared to the pair of 25s she had been using. That was her idea of "taking it easy")

In that moment I had a flashback...

4 years before this...

My anesthesiologist has me counting backwards from 100 as the surgical team gets ready to go in microscopically and remove the calcified, hardened disc fluid that had been sitting on my nerves for the past 8 months.

A procedure I endearingly call, the Cost of Skinny...

I was so focused on getting 'skinny' or 'lean' or 'toned' or 'hot' or whatever words ruled my brain at the time, that I didn't pay attention or tune in to what my body needed and what my body was screaming at me to do.

If only I had listened to the screams from my body to "slow down!", "chill out!",  "and while you're at it, go eat a friggen sandwich Leanne!", maybe it could have all been avoided.

But I didn't care! I just wanted to be skinny and beautiful. And no back pain or injury or pesky flare-up was gonna stop me!

Until it finally did stop me.

It didn't just stop me—it landed me on an operating table at the Cleveland Clinic for major spine surgery at the ripe ol' age of 25.

There I was watching Laura hobble to her water bottle during her 1 min rest interval, and I knew...

If I don't do something about what I'm seeing, pretty soon my clients will be paying their own "Cost of Skinny" too.

Right then and there, I decided to change everything—to go from the business of body to the business of the brain.

You see, some of my clients really did ONLY need to change their diet and start exercising more. For some, my workout and nutrition programs were enough to completely change their life forever.

But most of them were being held back by something BIGGER.

Most of them were caught up in the SAME up-and-down, short-term-change roller coaster that I was stuck on.

The one that kept me feeling like a SLAVE to dieting and a SLAVE to working out “harder, faster, more”.

And just like me, none of them really had a food ‘problem’ or a motivation ‘problem’...

It was a THINKING problem. It was their Body-Image, Self-Image, and Self-Esteem struggles that were CAUSING their physical struggles.

The day came that I realized that if I was ever going to truly help them on a life-long transformation level, I myself needed to get off that roller coaster first. Only then would I be able to help them get off (and stay off) of it too.

Fast Forward to Today:

It’s been a couple years since I’ve officially worked in the fitness or ‘weight loss’ industry. And BodyTalk Boot Camp is what I would have shared back in the day if I “knew then what I know now.”

It would have been my way of TRULY changing the game… and my way of TRULY setting women up for life-long transformation.

Before I even talked to them about "what to eat" or "how to move" or how to change their OUTSIDE, I would have made sure that I helped them address what was going on INSIDE.

We would have started with their BodyTalk.

Because then they would have:

  • A NEW language around transformation.
  • A NEW language around Body-Image, Self-Image, and Self-Esteem
  • A NEW language around food and exercise
  • A NEW language around what’s TRULY possible for them, their body, their health, and their happiness.

And THAT is what BodyTalk Boot Camp really is.

Life-long Transformation has little to do with what to eat or how to exercise. It has everything to with the THINKING that comes alongside food and the THINKING that comes alongside a woman’s struggles with her body.

It’s a mindset ‘thing’.  It’s a brainset ‘thing’.  It’s an upstream 'thing'.

There’s a cause. And there are its effects.

Whatever is happening on the INSIDE is simply showing up on the OUTSIDE -- the downstream effects of the upstream causes are simply showing up physically.

And I want to help women swim upstream and finally be done with the struggling and suffering for good!

But in order for that to happen, I KNOW that women need a new way of thinking.

  • The THINKING that causes women to “know what to do”, but not (for the life of them) be able to get themselves to actually do it.
  • The THINKING that causes women to emotionally belittle themselves every time they see their reflection in the mirror or when they feel like they’ve failed in some way
  • The THINKING that was causes women to commit themselves to crazy aspirations that aren’t practical for even the most motivated, disciplined woman to sustain long term — and ends up leaving her even more burnt out, discouraged, and defeated than she was to begin with.

BodyTalk Boot Camp (at its root) is a new way of thinking.

It’s a frame in which to really see your struggles and your life.

It’s a language. And it’s a language that any woman can learn and ‘own’.

It’s the language of Self-Acceptance, Self-Connection, and Self- Care.

It's the language of Self-Love.

It’s more than just changing how you look on the OUTSIDE. It’s about changing how you feel on the INSIDE while you go.

It’s about loving yourself healthy. And loving yourself happy.

What if there were a way to bypass the deprivation, struggle, suffering, and obsession that usually comes right along side typical self-care and weight loss methods?

Does this sound like you? 

  • You "know what to do"...but no matter what you try, you can't get yourself to actually DO it. You feel frustrated, defeated, and (at times) like an utter failure.
  • You do well for a little while, but as soon as you get off track, it's like a vicious spiral and you fall off the wagon -- beating yourself up, blaming, and shaming yourself on the way down.
  • You feel like your own worst 'enemy' when it comes to getting in your own way, and struggle with self-esteem, motivation, and willpower. After all, plenty of other women seem to manage it, so the problem must lie with YOU, right?
  • When you look in the mirror, your eyes focus in on all the things that you DON'T like about yourself or your body...and you'd kill for the day when your reflection didn't make you sad or piss you off.
  • No matter how great of a mood you’re in the feeling of your jeans being tight, your muffin top hanging out, or the number on the scale, can (in a split second) ruin your entire day and send you into a tailspin of “not good enough” thoughts.
  • You’re at the point where you've tried so many things that haven't worked that you almost feel jaded -- like you’re not sure if anything will ever work, and this is just how it's going to be the rest of your life.


  • You also know that you simply cannot take another diet, exercise program or whatever the latest ‘regime’ is. You’re exhausted. You’re overwhelmed. And you’re fed up of all the counting, measuring, hunger, and beating yourself up. Something HAS to change.

Here's the thing:

I could show any woman how to perfectly track her calories, manipulate her 'macros', and dial in her food intake...

But that's no way to eat.

I could tell any woman exactly how many reps and sets to complete, how to train harder & faster, or how to tweak her workouts...

But that's not a fun game to play.

I could keep motivate even the most unmotivated woman, hold her 'feet to the fire' for accountability, and help her manage her willpower in order to stay the course longer...

But that's no way to live.

Not if you want to have a life you LOVE. 

Who cares if you get to a certain weight, can wear a certain size, or look a certain way...

  • If you still don't like what you see


  • If you hate who you have to be or what you have to do to get that body.

You might think that you aren't getting the results you desire because you can't seem to stick with any program or plan long-term.

You might think you're lazy, unmotivated, weak-willed, or powerless to control yourself around food. And (no doubt) this leaves you feeling frustrated, defeated, exhausted, and skeptical that anything will ever TRULY work long term.

But I don’t think that any of that is true.

Not really.

The way I see it:

  • It’s NOT a food and fitness problem. You could probably write your own book on how to lose weight or change your body. It’s not an information problem, it’s an IMPLEMENTATION problem.
  • It’s NOT a motivation or willpower problem. Any woman that commits to a plan based on restriction, micromanaging every morsel of food she eats, or convincing herself day in, day out to do things that don’t excite her, will indeed require RIDICULOUS amounts of motivation and willpower (that even Superwoman herself couldn’t uphold long-term.)
  • It’s not a commitment problem or a time and schedule problem either. Most likely you DO have the time. It’s just that you’re so worn out, exhausted, or downright defeated by your lifestyle and schedule that NO ONE would blame you for wanting to veg out on the couch and turn your brain off after a hard day’s work.

I believe you have an extra weight problem.

weight (n.): downward force of body, heaviness, burden, mass
weight (v.): to load with weight
weigh (v.): measure, carry, bear, move

  • The 'weight' of plans and programs that cause you to control yourself, restrict yourself, punish yourself, or persuade yourself to do the things you REALLY don't want to do.
  • The 'weight' of the shame, blame, guilt, comparison, and perfectionism that comes along side typical dieting and weight loss.
  • 'Waiting for the weight' to go be who you want to be, do what you want to do, or live the life that you really want to live.

I believe you just don't know what you don't know. (this way of living is all you’ve ever been taught, right?)

And I believe that you've been playing the same weight loss 'game' of "eat less, move more" that most women learn growing up -- the same game I learned.

But I also believe that even the most motivated, disciplined, or confident person couldn't possibly withstand these methods long-term, and that your mind, body, and brain CAN'T thrive long-term in these conditions.

THAT is the weight that's really weighing you down.

Your brain, body, and heart have simply been 'weighed' down for a very long time...but you don't have to live like this.

You can ditch the weight.

You see, there IS a way to take care of your body that follows a journey based on choice, freedom, permission, and pleasure.

But in order to do that:

  • You need to ditch the 'weight loss' or diet mentality and learn to take care of your body.
  • You need to learn to give your body and your brain what they require so that they can (finally!) give you what you desire (like PERMANENT transformation, peace of mind, and fun along the way....just to name a few)
  • You need to ditch the shame, blame, guilt, and comparison you have around food, your body, and yourself.
  • You need to ditch the plans and programs that cause you to constantly control yourself, restrict yourself, punish yourself, or persuade yourself to do the things you REALLY don't want to do

In other words, it’s the weight of the weight that’s really keeping you stuck. THAT is the weight that you need help taking care of.

And this is exactly what I had in mind when I designed BodyTalk Boot Camp.


BodyTalk Boot Camp is a Brain-Based, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style program designed to help you transform your Self-Image, Self-Esteem, and Body-Image through the eyes of Self-Talk, BodyTalk, and Self-Care.

It's an 'Inside-Out' approach designed to help you FINALLY get off the on-again, off-again roller coaster so you can go create true (and lasting) transformation.

I created it specifically for women that are sick of working their butt off for temporary change, are ready to SIMPLIFY this whole self care ‘thing’ once and for all, and simply desire the kind of plan that can yield them the BEST results, but in the fastest, easiest, and most enjoyable way possible.

But here’s the thing. I’m not talking about temporary, on-again, off-again results that you gain back after you step out of the ‘healthy bubble’.

I’m referring to permanent life transformation.

The Root of the Problem Isn't EXTERNAL -- It's INTERNAL.

Transformation is a head game.

Diets don't work because they are aimed at your mouth. Exercise plans don't work because they are aimed at your body.

But transforming your body and your life is a head game.

And I truly believe that as long as you keep trying to address the effects of the problem...and everything that's OUTSIDE of you...

You'll KEEP skipping over the cause of it all -- and that is happening on the INSIDE.

That means they’ll continue to walk around with the SAME self-image, the SAME self-esteem, and the SAME body-image.

More importantly you’ll continue to have the SAME internal conversations and the SAME BodyTalk.

And until THAT shifts, change will continue to be short-lived, temporary, and ever-fleeting.

More of the same will go IN, and more of the same outcomes will come OUT.

Sure…the tactics, the quantifiables, and the modalities might change. But the THINKING will be exactly the same.

So what if this time around things were different?

Don't just change how you LOOK on the outside. Change how you FEEL on the inside while you go.

And finally put an end to the daily battle between your head and your heart.

Start with your BodyTalk.

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