In a nutshell:

Each program I offer is catered to the individual based on your wants, your needs, your commitment-- the whole lot.

But in order to figure out what that looks like, how it could get pieced together, or if it's even a fit for both of us, we need to first have a powerful (and transformational) conversation.

And that's why I offer all women the opportunity to schedule a (complimentary) Transformation Conversation with me.

What's a Transformation Conversation?

Most simply, it's a conversation about your transformation. 😉

But more specifically it's an opportunity for you and I to virtually meet (ear-to-ear) and have a truthful, loving, and impactful conversation about YOUR struggles and the transformation that you know you need to make to overcome them for good.

  • Not patching them up.

  • Not putting out the fires.

  • Not addressing the effects.

  • Not employing a bunch of short-term tactics for quick succession.

I'm talking about solving the problem.

Closing the loop. Preventing the fires from coming back. And truly TRANSFORMING YOU (not just changing you) from the inside out.

So if you feel it in your gut that working with me is something you feel you at least need to explore, then let's have a conversation about it.

It's an invitation without expectation to come connect with me -- to let me ask you some powerful questions that I guarantee you're not asking yourself, and let's step into a powerful conversation together.

Then you can decide after that if you want to have more of them in the future 🙂

Let's Talk!

You Are Just A Few Simple Steps Away From Securing Your Free Transformation Converation With Leanne


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Here's How It Works...

I only take on a select number of new clients every single month.

This isn't one of those ‘false scarcity’ things here, I really AM limited in the number of women I am able to deliver my programs and systems to at the highest standard and, as you can imagine, there are LOTS of women applying to work with me, so I'm trying to keep things as fair as possible by screening each and every application individually and selecting those who work with me each on their own merits.

That being the case, please answer every question as fully and with as much detail as possible to help my selection team decide whether you qualify to get to the front of the line or if there are others who are in greater need.

We’ll screen and respond to your application within 24 hours on weekdays, but if you submit over a weekend please be patient until you hear from us on Monday.

If you pass the application form stage we’ll arrange a time for your Transformation Conversation so you can start addressing the impact that your current relationship with yourself is having on your life right away.

FULL DISCLOSURE ALERT: This is NOT a sales call. There is nothing for you to buy. The entire 40 minutes will be spent on your Transformation Conversation & getting you the answers you desire. I only ask one thing in return: Please don’t sign up if you aren’t serious about finding a solution to your struggle or if you’re not going to show up for our appointment. Fair enough?